Standing Committees

Standing Committees assist the State Director and Executive Committee in managing and maintaining SCALI policies, business, and operations.  This is a great way to be involved in SCALI! If you are interested in serving please contact your Regional Director.
Ethics: The committee will issue formal opinions and respond to requests for ethics advice. Please see SCALI By-Laws/Executive Orders, Attachment 1 of Article XI.
Al Johnson – Chair
1.  Leroy Everhart
2.  Bruce Pitkin
3.  Don Myers
Scholarship:  The committee will select the Bob Joseph Scholarship recipient based on established guidelines.
Kathy Broom – Acting Chair
1.  Hope Ballenger
2.  Mark Jones
3.  Kathy Wainscott
4.  Ned Polk
5. Jennifer Setree
6. Mitchell Barnes
7. Tony Taylor
8. William Fletcher
Awards:  The committee will gather nominations and present awards based on established guidelines.
Joh Tuck – Chair
1. Brian Setree
2. Ruth Reynolds
3. Jason Alexander
4. Bush Banton
Legal and Legislative – Committee members should be members of NCISS.  The committee will monitor state and national legislative and regulatory activities affecting the investigative industry
Alden Wheeler - Chair
1. David Nalley
Membership: The committee will actively recruit and retain members.  Promote SCALI and be able to answer questions regarding membership 
Brad Kandare– Chair
1. Heather Mitchell
2. Daria Gadd
3. Jennifer Setree
Training and Education:  The committee will assist the local conference host with all functions of the training/education conferences.
Open- Chair
1. Katherine Wainscott
2. Curtis Clark
3. Jim Sigmon
4. Ed Spicer
5. Brian Setree
6. Matt Thornton
Information Technology:  The committee will assist in maintaining the SCALI website, promote SCALI through Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), and coordinate for audio/visual equipment for all conferences.
Jim Jackson – Chair
SLED Advisory:  The committee will promote a working relationship with SLED and advise SLED of industry concerns.
Phil Grimsley - Chair
1.  David Nalley
2.  Andrew Staffileno
3.  Ted Landreth
4.  Donald Kneece
Hospitality:  The committee will coordinate and promote social networking within the membership.  This committee will be self-sufficient and operate through sponsorship/donations.
Heather Bryson – Chair
1. Lori McCoy
Golf:  The committee will host an annual golf tournament.  This committee will be self-sufficient and operate through sponsorship/donations.
David Causey - Chair
Sergeant at Arms: Will attend all executive committee and membership meetings and maintain order during those meetings.
 Andrew Staffileno – Sergeant At Arms