Sponsors are welcome at every SCALI event.  Sponsor funds are used to improve the quality of the SCALI event and to help keep the attendance registration fee as low as possible.

Sponsor packages vary for each event. Register at the current event listed in the calendar and on the SCALI web site homepage.

Who Can Sponsor? 

  • Individual Private Investigation Company
  • Law Firm
  • Court Reporters
  • Information Technology
  • Cell Technology
  • Insurance Company
  • College or University
  • Law Enforcement Agency
  • GPS
  • Surveillance Equipment
  • Media
  • Website Construction
  • Marketing Firm
  • Printing Companies
  • Office Supply
  • Legal Products
  • Data Providers
  • Transportation Companies
  • Language Translation
  • Paralegal Associations
  • Other State P.I. Associations
  • Bar Associations
  • P.I. CEU classes
  • Vendor who's product or business is used in the P.I. industry