Membership Renewal

A SCALI membership period runs from
January 1 to December 31 each calendar year.  Memberships can be renewed for $100.00 per year and can be renewed online.  In accordance with our By-Laws, an automatic grace period can be authorized from January 1 - January 31 each renewal period.  However, keeping in accordance with the By-Laws, anyone renewing after January 31 is automatically subject to a $25 late fee penalty.  An appeal may be made in writing to the Membership Chairperson.

Anyone who has not renewed by January 1 will automatically be placed into the delinquent category and will have website and other SCALI privilege's suspended.  Anyone who has not renewed by February 1 will be considered as not renewed and will be processed to be dropped from the SCALI membership.

Please keep in mind that awards, retirement status and life memberships are based on continuous years of SCALI membership.

Our By-Laws state that if an individual joins SCALI in the last quarter of a calendar year, they may renew for the following year at a pro-rated renewal fee of one-quarter of the annual renewal fee ($18.75), but they must still renew to maintain their current membership for the following year.

Click here to renew your SCALI membership